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Shri Raman Chettiar Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School is an educational institution, approved by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu.  This School is run by Shri. Raman ChettiarThaneerpandal Trust with the goal of imparting education of best quality. We aim of making the children understand what they learn using modern teaching aids like Computer with Multimedia, A.V. Tapes etc. We provide opportunities to each and every student to develop their Co-curricular activities.


Managing Trustees

Thiru. P.R. Shanmugam

Thiru. R.Ganesan

Thiru. P.Ramaswamy

School Committee Members

Thiru. P.R. Shanmugam

Thiru. R. NanjappaChettiar

Thiru. S.Nagarathinam

Dr. LathaVenkatesanPh.D (Education)
Received “Dr. RADHAKRISHNAN’S AWARD” – 2013
               ey;yhrpupah; tpUJ -2013


A Word to Students

No Organisation,  whether it is Home, School,  commercial Estabilishment or Government can function without rules and regulations.  The governing rules are to be obeyed and respected for effective running  of the institution.  It is expected that every student should extend his  / her loyal co-operation particularly adhering to the rules.

No books, magazines or any other literature not related to study at school should be brought to the school.

Students are themselves responsible for the safety of their own books, fountain pen, pencils, watches, tiffin carriers, cycles or any other articles they bring to the school.

Wearing of Jewellery, Polishing nails or any other kind of makeup, hair style areforebidden.

Students are not allowed to leave their class room, school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.

It is forbidden to write or scribble on the school compound wall or building or any way disfigure or damage the school property.  A composite fine will be pered if the students are traced or detected for damage done.  If these who have caused the damage are not traced, the entire class or group would be held responsible and the cost will be charged equally among the students.

Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect to do home assignments, disobedience and disrespect to members of the staff justify suspension or dismissal as the case may be.


A Word to Parents


Parents should check the daily home assignment diary.  This will not only enhance the study habit of children but also enable the parents to  assess whether given assignments are reasonable and sufficient.

Assignment to students is given with two main objectives.

a) To provide exercise to increase progress and to acquire skill.
b) To test and ascertain progress and skill acquired.
c) Assignements will be entered in calendar section everyday.  The Parents are expected to look into this section daily and help their children in carrying out their duties.
d) Normally assignments of one hour duration will be given in not more than three subjects.

Progress reports are issued after each test and examination.  You are requested to check them carefully take note of the remarks made by the Class Teacher and bring them back with the initials at the space provided.

Parents who seek information or who wish to make suggestions should meet the Principal.

Parents are not allowed to meet the students or teachers during the class hour without the permission of the Principal.

Parents of girls must be strict about their daughters returing home immediately  after school hours.  If they fail to do so, it should be promptly reported to the Principal.

Change in the address of parents must be intimated to the school in writing up without delay.  Failing which the school will not be responsible for non-receipt of communications.

Suggestion from the parents are always welcome, such suggestions shall be conveyed not to any teacher but to Principal only either personally or through suggestion box kept in the School.



School Rules & Regulations

Application for  admission must to be made on the prescribed forms enclosed with transfer certificate, conduct certificate and mark statement from the previous school attended.

A month’s notice must be given in the case of withdrawals.

Notice of withdrawals must be made in writing.

Punctually and regularity in attendance are essential.

All pupil must attend school regularly and punctually.  In the case of sickness a Doctor’s Certificate must be produced. Absence of any other reasons must be requested by Parent / Gauardian earlier or leave letter from Parent / Gaurdian must be produced in case of emergency on going to class after an absence.

In case of infection diseased pupil not allowed to attend school until a fitness certificate is produced from a qualified Doctor.

No books, Magazines or other literatures not related to study at school should be brought to the school.

Students are not allowed to leave their class rooms or school premises during school hours without permission of the Prinicipal.

No parent will under any circumstances be allowed to enter a classroom or stay in front of the classroom when the classes are going on.  If you have got anything to talk regarding your child please do so with the Principal.

The school Uniform should be worn on all working days.

The Children should be in the school premises before 8.30 am.

The Children should not wear any costly or gold ornaments.

School fees will be collected for all the 4 terms in the year.

The van fee for van students will be collected for 10 months in the year.

The Location




Peelamedu, Coimbatore - 641 035

Tamilnadu, India

Phone : 0422-2512913